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Cacti Home


Often catalogued as Mammillaria. A genus of over 150 species characterized by their tubercled (nippled), globular shapes. The flowers are bell-shaped, small, but very brilliant. Part to full sun is required for growing, and but little moisture.

Neomammillaria bocasana' {short description of image} Mexico. Flowers, cream.
Neomammillaria compressa Mexico. Flowers, pink.
Neomammillaria gigantea   Mexico. Flowers, yellow
Neomammillaria haageana   Mexico. Flowers, carmine.
Neomammillaria sempervivi   Mexico. Flowers, white.
Neomammillaria tetracantha   Mexico. Flowers, pink. One of the best species for flowering
Neomammillaria zuccariniana   Mexico. Flowers, purple.

Epiphyllum. Tropical, thornless, shade-loving cacti with gorgeous flowers. Providing ample drainage is assured, they may be generously watered. During the growing period these cacti respond surprisingly to liquid manure or a top dressing of commercial plant food. Epiphy1lum was formerly designated as Phyllocactus, and is still listed in many catalogues as such. For instance, you are likely to find Epiphy1lum ackermanni under Phyllocactus ackermanni. Members of this genus have served as one of the parents in a series of very beautiful hybrids, notable for the size and brilliance of their flowers. Many horticultural varieties are available. Use Potting Mixture 3 instead of, 6. While the flowers of this group are almost the finest the cactus family has to offer, they are inclined to be shy bloomers in the house.

Epiphyllum "kermanni {short description of image} Mexico. Handsome red flowers up to 6 inches in diameter, produced casually throughout the summer. Grow out of the sun and water freely.
Epiphyllum cooperi A well known cactus with yellow-tinted petals

Epiphyllum, Empress A variety with arching, flat stems covered, during spring and summer, with large flowers of a delicate pink.