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Another essentially stemless South African genus belonging to the same family (lily) as Gasteria. Numerous fleshy leaves--in most species covered conspicuously with white, dot-like excrescnces-arranged in rosettes. Rather uninteresting dusters of tubular white, or greenish-white, flowers on tall slender stalks. The basal leaf rosettes, however, make splendid pot specimens; they may be combined effectively with various small cacti. Medium light and, Potting Mixture 6.

Haworthia arachnoidea {short description of image} A small species webbed like Sempervivum arachnoideum, the cobweb houseleek
Haworthia attenuala Numerous 3-inch, thick leaves dotted with white papillae on the back. Flowers, red.
Haworthia cymbiformir Small, blue-green leaves a little over an inch in length and very thick. The green flowers are tinged with pink.
Haworthia margaritifera The pearl plant. Numerous leaves, heavily encrusted with pearly papillae. Flowers, white.