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Succulent Home

GASTERIA (Hart's Tongue)

Succulent South African plants with thick, tongue-shaped leaves interestingly arranged in dove-tailed ranks. Hart's tongues are almost all stemless, and the leaves are spotted in white or dotted with pale papillae (warts). Small, tubular flowers, swollen at the base and green in color with pink markings--or all pink-are carried in racemes on 1 to 2 foot stalks whose upper parts assume a peach-pink color as the flowers open. This genus enjoys medium light and Potting Mixture 6.

Gasteria, {short description of image} hybrids Numerous crosses varying in shape, size and markings of leaves
Gasteria verrucosa Whitc-spotted leaves, 3-6 inches long. 2-foot flower stems with loose dusters of tubular pink flowers.