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This is a particularly interesting genus of plants. There are over a thousand species-plants representing the greatest diversity in habit, habitat, and form. Some imitate cacti in structure, others are weeds, trees, or spiny creeping plants. One species, Euphorbia marginata, is to be found growing in many American gardens, where it enjoys the popular name of snow-on-the mountain. Another hardy garden species is called annual poinsettia (Euphorbia heterophylla-more correctly, Poinsettia heterophylla). It forms a bushy plant 3 feet in height, with glossy, dark green leaves and bright scarlet bracts quite like the Christmas poinsettia. The flowers have no petals.

Ile following list is restricted to cactus-like Euphorbias, most of which are native to Africa. They require ample light and Potting Mixture 6.

Euphorbia acruensis {short description of image} Eventually becomes tree-like in size. As a house plant it rc scrnbles: a four-sided cactus with spines set regularly along each of the edges.
Euphorbia cereiformis A columnar, many-ribbcd form, distinctly cactus-like in appear ance. This species rapidly forms clusters of new plants.
Euphorbia coerulescens A tall, four-sided plant, blue in color with brown spines. As this species grows larger it becomes a branched bush.
Euphorbia mammillaris   This peculiar Euphorbia has tubercles set in vertical rows after the manner of an ear of corn. The spines are thick and blunt-they are really modified flower spikes. Fleshy branches have a modern, strean-,dined appearance. Corncob euphorbia.
Euphorbia splendens   Crown-of-thorns. A spiny, vine like plant which branches en thusiastically. The spines are an inch in length, very substantial and sharp. The leaves are small and bright green. Flowers, red, carried in long-stemmed dusters more or less continually. This plant is more decorative if trained on a wire support.