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Natives of tropical America, particularly Mexico. The lovely gray, and sometimes variegated, leaves are the chief attraction of this group, although some of the fleshy, rose-tinted flower stems-crowned with a spike of red or orange-rcd flowers-have their good points. The smooth leaves are clustered in rosettes and, to a degree, resemble the houseleeks (hen and chickens). The genus is extensive, and a great many species and varieties are to be found at florists and in catalogues. Potting Mixture 6.

Echeveria flammea {short description of image} Handsome leaves and 3-foot spikes of rosy flowers.
Echeveria gibbiflota A branching species with gray blue, oblong leaves about 7 in chcs in length. Flowers, red.
Echeveria glauca   Round ' blue-green leaves. The flowers are light red to pink, tinted yellow on the inside
Echeveria hoveyi   Beautiful variegated leaves with pink and white stripes. Flowers, red.
Echeveria rosea grandis   A crested variety. Unusual and interesting. Mark this one for special attention when making out a list.