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Succulent Home


A very large group of succulents whose members come mostly from Africa. In America, the name Crassula immediately brings to mind the one species grown extensively as a house specimen Japanese rubber plant (Crassula poilulacea, often listed as C. arborescens. Everyone is acquainted with this oval-leaved succulent and its remarkable resistance to neglect; yet only a few have seen the plant in bloom. With proper soil and light conditions, the larger specimens will produce clusters of white, or pinkish-white flowers annually. Use Potting Mixture 6, plenty of light, and water moderately. DYCYLIA

A South American genus of the pineapple family, resembling small century platits. The bell-shaped, tubular flowers are clustered on wiry stalks. Potting Mixture 6.

Dyckia rariflora (Orange Dyckia) {short description of image} Brazil. Leaves, spiny, very nar row, up to 6 inches in length. The orange flower cluster is borne on a rather tall stem (16 18 inches).
Dyckia sulphurea (Yellow Dyckia) Brazil. Similar to above, but the leaves are longer, spines smaller, and flower stalks only to 12 inches. Flowers, yellow.