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Succulent Home

SENECIO (Groundsel)

A large, far-flung genus with representatives all over the world. The group contains annuals, biennials, and perennials varying widely in form-small plants, vines, shrubs, and trees. The popular house plant, cineraria (Senecio cruentus), is found here. Several succulent species are of interest as pot plants; they are sometimes listed under Kkinia. Potting Mixture 6.

Senecio articulatus {short description of image} The candle plant. Swollen, cigar shaped stems.
Senecio pendula The inch worm plant. Queer rounded stems which bend over and root, then continue to form loops. Flowers, scarlet. ,
Senecio repens   Window plant. Pickle-shaped leaves with translucent areas.
Senecio stapeliiformis   Stems are mottled in green and silver.
Senecio succalentus   Fleshy stems and thick, blue-green leaves. Flowers, yellow.