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Succulent Home

AGAVE (Century Plant)

This genus comprises many species native to semi-desert sections of America. The plants are characterized by spiny, basal-rosettes of leaves and long flower stalks at whose apex are clustered the funnel shaped blossoms. Many of the species die after blooming. Fun grown plants attain huge proportions, yet all make excellent pot or tub specimens in their younger stages. Grow them in Potting Mixture 6 and give them full sun. They are also improved by plunging in the garden during the warm months.

Agave americana {short description of image} Mexico. Rosette of spiny, fleshy leaves. No flowers as a house plant. Horticultural varieties have leaves striped and margined in yellow and white.
Agave soicta Mexico. A small species with very narrow leaves about 12 inches long, lacking the usual marginal spines. Horticultural varieties are available with bluish and purplish leaves.