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House Plant Index

Calceolatia crenatiflora

Flowers Late fall, winter
Potting or re-potting time Throw away after flowering
Position in garden during summer
Potting Mixture 4

Calceolarias are tropical American plants with showy pouch-like flowers, and are widely grown and used as houseplants. While they may be grown from seed planted in May, it is usually more expedient to purchase a budded plant, and dispose of it after the blooming season has passed. The numerous flowers are typically yellow in color, but are often dotted and spotted with orange-brown.

The above-mentioned plant is the common florists' calceolaria, although another species native to Chile (Calceolaria integtifolia) is sometimes offered as well. It has somewhat smaller flowers than C. crenatiflora; they are yellow to red brown in color and unspotted.

Calceolarias thrive best in a cool atmosphere with plenty of ventilation: no cold draughts, however. Place them in a window where there is not much sun during the morning. Moderate watering-a little on the dry side-is the correct procedure. Liquid manure every two weeks will add color and size to the flowers. When watering, care should be exercised not to get drops on flower clusters, for they spot easily.