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House Plant Index

Caladium bicolor

Flowers Seldom in the house
Potting or re-potting time As often as rootbound
Position in garden during summer Rest in cellar May to Aug
Potting Mixture Start in 2, shift to 3

Caladium is a tropical American, tuberous-rooted aroid (grown extensively for its highly colored foliage, both as a summer bedding plant and in the house.

Tubers should be started in August, in chopped moss or osmunda. When roots have started, shift tuber to a pot containing mixture 2. As soon as top growth becomes active transfer to a larger pot of mixture 3. The plant is a rapid grower and will probably require several transplanting into increasingly larger pots, but keep it justs on the verge of becoming rootbound. If you wish to keep the tubers for another year, rest them from May to August in a cool cellar a cover them with dry peat moss.

Leaves of C.bicolor are ovalish or shaped like arrowheads. They are bluish-green, overlaid with patterns of different colors, and have long stalks. Numerous hybrids and horticultural varieties offer a wide range of leaf col and pattern.

Caladium needs light but direct sun will bum the leaves. It also requires a warm and moist location.