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House Plant Index


Flowers Spring and summer
Potting or re-potting time Early spring
Position in garden during summer Leave in the home
Potting Mixture 3 with an equal amountof osmunda fiber

Billbergia is a tropical American air plant (Epiphyte) with a rosette of pineapple-like leaves. Flowers are carried in long, branching clusters. 6 long stamens protrude from the blue-edged, green blossoms, and joints below the flowers are decorated with narrow, scarlet bracts.

The plant may be grown in hanging baskets or bulb pan, which should contain more than the average amount of drainage material.

Little or no sun is required if there is plenty of light Water frequently while the plant is' in active growth during spring and summer, and sparingly during the resting period in fall and winter. A warm, moist atmosphere is essential for successful cultivation.