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Tuberous-rooted begonias are very different from begonias described above, all of which have fibrous range of flower shape, size, and color in the tube is amazing. There are blossoms 1/2 inch across 6 inches in diameter; there are upright plants and procumbent plants. Colors are glistening white, every known shade of pink, red, salmon, yellow, and orange. Flowers are single semi-double, double, frilled, fringed, crisped, crested and variously imbricate. They are all very beautiful

Tubers may be potted from February to May in potting Mixture 4. Plant them concave side up close with the rim of the tuber just at the surface of the soil in a dark, warm place and water sparingly until growth begins. After the top growth has reached several inches in height, the pots may be brought into the light.

Water generously and give liquid manure every two weeks. When the flowering period is over and the foliage has ripened, withhold water and lay the pots containing tubers on their sides in a cool, dark places to rest.

Tuberous begonias 'may be used as houseplants, bedding plants in a shady garden, or for different porch boxes where lack of sun prevents the use of other flowering plants. The trailing varieties may be grown in baskets.

Dealers' catalogues list these fine flowers in mixtures and named varieties.