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House Plant Index

Trachelospermum jasminoides

Flowers Early spring
Potting or re-potting time After flowering
Position in garden during summer Sun for half the day
Potting Mixture 4

Star jasmine is a woody vine often grown out of doors in the South, where it is very popular. It has short-stalked, oval, evergreen leaves, and delightfully fragrant, starry, white flowers about 3/4 inch across. In more northerly latitudes, star jasmine is grown in the house or greenhouse in large pots or tubs. Constant trimming transforms the vine into a splendid, bushy plant from 2 to 4 feet in height which blossoms freely at a hint of spring.

T. jasminoides requires lots of sun, moisture, and a humid atmosphere in spring and summer. With the advent of cold weather, watering should be reduced, and less sun is advisable. It is best to acquire this plant from a florist or greenhouse in the form of a well-started specimen.