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Grevillea robusta

Flowers None produced in the house
Potting or re-potting time April or May
Position in garden during summer Light shade
Potting Mixture 3

The silk-oak is an Australian tree, which reaches a height of over 100 feet in its native habitat. It also grows too large proportions in California where it is commonly grown as a street tree. As a houseplant, however, it is usually restricted to not over 3 feet. The twice-divided leaves are carried in fern-like, graceful segments and the plant produce racemes of handsome orange flowers-but seldom if ever under house culture.

Give the plant plenty of light, but keep it out of the direct sun, and water every other day. Grow in a cool temperature. Keep out of direct drafts.

G. robusta is easily grown from seed, or specimen plants may be purchased at a greenhouse or florists, where you can find two to six year old plants.