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House Plant Index


Flowers Depending upon variety. Some bloom almost con tenuously
Potting or re-potting time March and April
Position in garden during summer Semi-shade
Potting Mixture 4

To the French botanist, Michel Begon, goes the credit for introducing what has since become the most satisfactory flowering house plant-the begonia. Obtainable Varieties of this tropical genus are almost endless, so assiduously have hybridizers labored to produce better and more floriferous forms. Wherever there are plants growing in a house, at least one of the pots will surely contain a begonia. Very little care is necessary to keep begonias happy and healthy. Keep the roots damp-not wet-and the plant where rays of the sun are filtered through a curtain. The foliage appreciates spraying, and will do better in a moist atmosphere.

Many of the old-fashioned woody begonias are still cherished, but modern window gardens contain one or more Rex begonia varieties, of which there are hundreds. The large leaves are beautifully marked with bands, spots, and metallic shadings; leaf stalks are very hairy.

Propagation is accomplished in the spring by leaf or stem cuttings and in -the case of semperflorens by root division.

Begonia incana has nearly round hairy leaves and white flowers carried in clusters on long stalks. Begonia semperflorens is a small (8 to 12 inches) fleshy species with finely toothed leaves and flowers of white or pink. There are many named varieties of semperflorens, which is the ace of bedding begonias. Begonia fuchsio species with fuchsia-like flowers of scarlet. The racial leaves are oval in shape and about 11/2 inches

Then there are star begonias, Christmas beg host of others to gladden your window garden the year. Choice is difficult unless you see the their unlimited forms and coloration’s. A trip to s house, which specializes in begonias, is well worth and effort. You will find many plants of this type whose existence you never dreamed of.