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House Plant Index

Ficus species

Flowers None in the house
Potting or re-potting time May
Position in garden during summer Shade
Potting Mixture 3

The old-fashioned rubber plant, Ficus elastica, has suffered almost as much abuse as the cast iron plant. If you wish to include a rubber plant in your collection, grow Ficus pandurata, the fiddle-leaved rubber plant. It is infinitely more attractive with its huge, persistent leaves and more compact method of growing.

Culture of the plant is very simple. Keep its feet on the verge of being rootbound, water three times a week, give manure water twice a month, and wash the handsome leaves with clean water at least once a month. Sun is unnecessary, yet the plant enjoys a well-lighted situation. Avoid re-potting until the roots are obviously pot-bound, and then only increase the size of the new container slightly.