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House Plant Index

Araucaria excelsa

Flowers In cones on large specimens
Potting or re-potting time May
Position in garden during summer Shade
Potting Mixture 3

The Norfolk Island pine grows to 150 or 200 feet where native, but as a houseplant is usually restricted to not more than 6 feet. As its name implies, it is an evergreen-a member of the pine family. Whorls of attractive, needled branches

are arranged in tiers of diminishing circumference. Altogether it is a most satisfactory house plant, and an amenable one if it is not relegated to some dim corner.

A. excelsa asks for sun, ventilation, and moderate watering. A monthly application of manure water will keep the recurved, dark green needles in glossy health.

This plant is sometimes called monkey puzzle, but the name is more properly referred to Araucaria araucana, a South American sDecies whose whorled branches are clad with large, sharp, long persisting leaves which would baffle a monkey or anything else for the matter to find paggage over them.