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House Plant Index

Lantana camara

Flowers Almost any time when forced
Potting or re-potting time After flowering, start new plants from softwood cuttings and throw old plant away
Position in garden during summer
Potting Mixture 3

Lantanas are popular.bedding plants, and are useful houseplants, too. They are distinctive for the numerous heads of small flowers, which often appear in three colors-yellow, orange, red-in a single cluster. Leaves are generally oval, with rounded teeth, and quite hairy on the under surface.

In the South, lantanas become very ornamental shrubs, but as a houseplant they are best treated as annuals, and discarded after flowering. Slips may be taken before the plant is thrown away, and any desired number of new plants started. The cuttings take root easily.

Grow in a cool room, with plenty of sun and moisture.