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House Plant Index

Fuchsia hybrida

Flowers November
Potting or re-potting time Light shade part of day
Position in garden during summer
Potting Mixture 3

A 16th century German botanist, Leonard Fuchs, has a living memorial in the beautiful plant which is named after him-Fuchsia. The pendent flowers of this tender plant are its greatest attraction. They appear in clusters or as single blossoms hanging from leaf axils. Horticultural varieties, of which many named kinds are in cultivation, have flowers of blue, red, purple, or white; self-colored or in combined shades.

It seems a shame that the flowers cannot be coaxed to display their beauty during the winter months when they would not have to compete with sheets of bloom in the garden, yet Fuchsia stubbornly refuses to be swerved from its normal flowering period.

During the growing season, lots of water is a requisite, and constant guard against red spider. Gradually lessen watering from late October until the middle of November At that time re-pot, prune away about one-half of the top growth, and make little cuts where the leaves are fastened to the stems; this will facilitate rapid growth in the spring. Set the trimmed plant in a cool, dark place and give only enough water to prevent the soil from being actually dust. March is the month to awaken Fuchsia from its nap. Return it to the window garden, water generously, and provide a tumbler of manure water weekly.

New shoots will quickly appear. Now is the time to secure additional plants if they are wanted. Sever as many of the new shoots as are required and root them in a propagating box. The cuttings will have to be re-potted several times during the summer, and should be kept in active growth the first winter instead of resting with the older plants. The second winter is time enough to begin the resting ritual.

Rampant summer growth should be nipped every week to keep the plants bushy and compact.

Trailing fuchsia, Fuchsia procumbens, is useful in hanging baskets.

Among the named varieties of Fuchisa hybrida, you will like:

Carmeliata scarlet and white
Liberty Bell scarlet and purple
Little Beauty scarlet and violet
Trophee violet-blue and white