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House Plant Index

Dieffnbachia seguine

Flowers Occasionally produces a small spathe when grown as house plant
Potting or re-potting time April and May
Position in garden during summer Semi-shade
Potting Mixture 4

A German botanist, J. Dieffenbach, is responsible for the scientific name of this topical aroid. The common name, dumb cane, arises from the reputed ability of he plant to cause loss of speech when the leaves are chewed. Perhaps some practical scheme might be devised to take advantage of this characteristic!

The plant is an erect shrub with several large, oblong leaves carried at the top; they are about twice as long as they are broad, and are marked with yellowish dots and blotches.

D. picta is a smaller, more commonly grown species, and it has many-named forms-all of them good foliage plants.

Dieffenbachla requires a warm situation, abundant water, and liquid manure while it is in active growth.

Propagation is by stem cuttings made while the plant is dormant, and planted lengthwise in a propagating box. Only half bury the cuttings.