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Foam in the Koi Pond

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  • Foam in the Koi Pond

    [align=left]In my pond I have foam which needs to be removed.* In searching the web, you can puchase a foam fractionator to do the trick.** The sad thing is... no one seems to sell them anymore and I not willing to make one. [/align]
    [align=left]Any suggestions?[/align]
    [align=left]I may have to do a 10% water change to solve my problem.[/align]

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    Do you mean like the foam that exapands and firms to set stone and items firm?


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      No, foam that collects on the surface of the water.


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        I've seen bubbles a few times, but not foam yet.

        What you mentioned reminds me of the foam on the ocean seashore that's residual when the water has certain "elements" in it. Not the wave crashing foam, but a film-like foam in patches that floats.


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          Could this be phosphate foam?* Maybe from a pH imbalance?* Take a look at these sites to see if they help.



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            If you have recently change your water, it takes a while for the water to adjust to your pond. I would leave it alone for about a week and it will clear up. Can it be you fish are spawning? My koi sperm looks like what you are describing after the eggs are deposited.


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              Pond Foam

              I used to have pond foam on top of mine. It usually happened in late winter and early spring when the water temperature was around 50 degrees F. It looks like dirty foam from the ocean. It's caused from bacteria - dirty water conditions. Scoop it out, do a partial water change and add natural enzymes to your water. You may also want to add barley straw bales. Two small bales for every 2000 gallons of water. They last about 5-6 months and clears up the water. You can use it all year round and come Spring, your water will be clean instead of green.

              This is a different kind of foam than koi sperm. The koi sperm looks more "milky" in the water and you will also notice distroyed leaves and such floating on the surface from their "spring-thing" activities.

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                Use a foam remover to get rid of this and make your pond look great again.