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Let's kick start the pond thread

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  • Let's kick start the pond thread

    Water features are certainly under-utilized, considering that a 950 gallon per hour pump is about $4 per month on a timer. Here's a glance of my latest pond plus small falls with moss rock. It happened to be for my mother-in-law near Jacksonville, Oregon.

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    And last week and next, I'm tinkering on this section of a yard - a 110' long running creekbed. I'll probably go with a 3000 gph pump.

    I used a Barretto 13 hp hydralic drive walk-behind rototiller to carve and loosen the bed. It's a great way to prep a long creekbed area. The soil becomes very easy to work with, and the tiller takes a lot of sweat out of the job.

    Here's the lower end in preparation.


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      And the upper end in preparation.

      It will only be about 1/2 as wide as the liner when it's all done. I'll try and post the finished pics later.


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        Hi MD,

        Good to 'see' you again!!* Hope all has been well in your corner of the world.* Your stream project looks great.* I'd love to see the finished pics.**



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          Hi Newt.

          I'll have to wait on the steam Pics, because these folks had a whole string of excavation and remodeling planned. It will be a couple of months until enough junk is out of the way to get a nice photo. The day I finished, they were stacking the entire garage contents on the weathering lawn so that the garage can be remodeled.

          A new community in Brookings, Oregon, just requested a landscape plan for a commons area. They wanted a water feature down the entire length. That's 280 ft. I suggested installing it in sections. Like two pondless dry creekbed sections that run, and two sections that are dry creekbed. Visually, it would appear as one feature.

          The estimate install portion would come in September, or so.


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            I can't wait to see the pics!



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              Adding a pond will add a classic, natural touch to your garden. It's something you' ll appreciate when you've had a long day.