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    I hope this is the right forum for this thread so here it goes...i just would like to share with you my sun-fed 75g aquarium. I am currently looking for bog plants like the calla lily to be included in the setup. This is still a work in progress.

    the first look

    current state:

    my dwarf lotus in bloom:

    2 spotted barbs
    1 betta
    1 black moor
    1 pink danio
    5 choco gouramis
    5 platties
    2 SAE
    1 corydora
    shrimps and snails

    Plants are just the simple ones like cabomba, egeria,* crypts, mosses, anubias, najas grass, potamageton gayi, vals, watter lettuce and dwarf lotus and lots of algaes hehehe

    2 bottles of DIY-CO2

    I'll be using a demineralized soil substrate top with river-sand as my substrate. Also i have use peace lily as my nitrate absorber. Later maybe i'll be using an DIY-external filter or a rio internal filter.

    i am open to any suggestions/advises.

    thank you so much for viewing