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  • large earth pond help

    Does any know a way to controll excess grass in an earth pond. Pond is almost 1/2 arce, 13-14 ft deep at the north end, 3-12 inch at the south end. We are planning to plant several weeping willows to decrease the sunlight on that end & hopefully help control the grass somewhat.* Will this help? Does anyone have any other ideas. We have tried comercial chemicals without any effects. Sorry can not seem to get the pic the correct size to download.

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    Hi LGCS,

    I've not heard of shading a pond helping with grass control. The shade would help with algae control and it looks like that's a problem.* If the grass is not native and a weed problem, certain fish can help to control that.** I'm wondering what chemicals you used and if you have an id on the grass.*

    I would suggest you contact your local extension service for help.* They might even refer you to your local Department of Natural Resources.

    I'd love to know what you find out.


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      The grass is local lawn grass. I don't know the name of the chemicals, but we bought it at a local farm supply company. I was suppost to help control grass & weeds in ponds & on the edges of waterways. It was safe for fish & wildlife. We also have a small bayou just past the pond that tends to get overgrown. Most of what you see in the pic is grass, very little algae. My husband mentioned grass eatting carp might help, but we are not sure.


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        Grass carp would probably work, but this is NOT a native fish, and if it escapes, can cause widespread destruction to the environment.* Sterile fish can be purchased for the purpose you want, but you will need a permit to obtain them.* I'm wondering if a native fish species would work.* You should find this helpful.

        Have you considered contacting your local extension service or the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries for guidance, especially since you are near a bayou?* They could help with what is natural and balanced for the bayou and your pond.

        I'd love to know what they tell you.