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Problems with Cucumber Plants

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  • Problems with Cucumber Plants

    Hi folks... new to the forum, and pretty new to gardening. I've had a garden for the past 4 years, and have gotten pretty good at growing tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, green peppers...

    But then there are cucumbers... Every year we plant them, and they start the year off great! Dark green leaves, tons of flowers... And then slowly the lowest leaves start to brown, and and get very dried out. Then the small cucumbers near the base of the plant also start to brown and shrivel. I've attached pictures to help. The first year I thought I hadn't watered enough, so the next year I watered more, and then the year after that even more. And still, brown crispy leaves, very few full sized fruit, and one frustrated gardener. My plants haven't made it to the middle of August yet. This year I've been trying to follow the 1 inch a week rule on watering, and I felt as though things were going well... Well, it's started again. I've been watering a slow drip at the base of the plant, and trying to avoid getting the leaves wet as much as possible. It has been rainy, and so I use the milk/water solution to keep the mildew off...

    Any thoughts? Ideas? I love cucumbers, and would really love to try my hand at pickling... if only!