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  • Pumpkins

    I was given a pumpkin plant that i put into a big container in my green house, and left it in there it has now overtaken my green house, but the little jellow bulbs start to grow then go brown and squashy, what am i doing wrong i dont know if i can put it in the garden as i think the chickens will eat them, its now about 10ft long with loads of pumpkins growing, please help before i lose them all, Thanks

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    Hello BUTTERCUP. Ken with The Home Depot in the Chicago area.
    Sorry to hear about your pumpkin plant. Hereís what I think is the problem.
    You have too many bulbs for the plant to handle. It canít turn all the bulbs
    into pumpkins. Cut out all but one or two bulbs on the vine. That way the plant
    can put its energy into producing one or two good pumpkins instead of being
    exhausted trying to produce many. Give it occasional fertilizer. Good luck.


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      thanks so much Hortman, i will do that :)


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        You also need pollination. The pumpkins will not grow if the bees can't pollinate. You could hand pollinate. How To Grow Atlantic Giant Pumpkins