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    I have two African Sumac trees and we had so cold weather in Arizona, can you believe that, but they froze. I have new branches growing in the bottom. What do I do wait or cut. I'm not to savy at gardening as you can tell. Please help!

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    Hello, menvalh1974. Ken here with The Home Depot in the Chicago area.
    Iím sorry to hear about your sumac trees. Are there any new leaf buds on
    the branches? If the only thing growing on the tree is coming from the base, then
    it probably froze to the ground. But just to be sure, letís check for the cambium
    layer on parts of the tree. Get up as high as you can and scrape the bark off a small
    spot. The cambium layer is a thin green layer just inside the bark. If you donít see green, then
    move farther down and repeat the process. Do this until you find green or you reach the new
    growth at the base. If you find green, then prune down to that level. If you find green up
    high, wait and see what the tree is going to do. If itís dead all the way to the ground, then cut
    to the ground. Let me know what you find. Take care.