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Can you grow Tricolour Beech from seeds

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  • Can you grow Tricolour Beech from seeds

    I have a Tri-Colour Beech (Fagus Sylvatice) tree that is about twenty five years old, two weeks ago I noticed that it was covered in what looked like flower buds. Thinking this was unusual as I did not think the tree flowered, and it never has in the last twenty five years.

    After a weeks absence from home we returned to find the ground around the tree absolutely covered in seed pods and the seeds they had carried, there were thousands(no bull) of seeds and pods so I collected a jar full. After all of that, my question is this;

    Can the Tri-Coloured Beech tree be grown from these seeds?


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    Hello, Orange_Magpie. Ken here with The Home Depot in the Chicago area.
    Tricolour Beech is a great tree. Very interesting that it never produced seeds
    until now. I checked in the Sunset Western Garden Book and it said that the seeds
    “often fail to fill, especially on solitary trees”. That means they fail to fill with grain
    or become viable. I would check with your local Arboretum to see what they say. Just
    for fun, I would try to grow some anyway. Take care and let me know what happens.