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I need help with Oleander

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  • I need help with Oleander

    #1 If I burn oleander will the fumes be toxic? I have a ton of dead leaves because my oleanders grow like crazy.
    #2 I have a serious deer and rabbit problem. If I crush oleander and spread it around my flower garden (no food), will that keep the deer from eating my gladiolus and irises?
    Appreciate the help!

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    #1 Most of the toxins are in the white sticky sap. That sap is in the leaves. I wouldn't burn it. Compost it instead or chop up the leaves with the lawn mower and put them around plants like mulch.

    #2 No. The plant doesn't put off anything repellent. Animals don't eat it because it tastes poisonous. They'll just pass on the leaves and eat the plants they came for to begin with.


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      Hey, charlotte1211. Ken here with The Home Depot in the Chicago area.
      Yard Food is right. Do not burn the leaves. The smoke can cause severe
      irritation. This information is from the Sunset Western Garden Book, aka,
      the bible. Why don’t you try Deer Off or Liquid Fence? These products are
      made from natural ingredients like garlic and putrescent egg solids, etc.

      Spray around the flower bed and/or where the deer and rabbits enter your
      yard. I have heard that cayenne pepper works also. Good luck and take care.
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