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  • Add another forum to the site

    My hubby frequents one of those "guy" forums, trucks and engines etc etc etc....He says they have a section on there called the LOUNGE....where people can post just everyday stuff. I think it would be great to add a forum to this site like that. Then the members can wish each other happy birthday, or safe trip, or whatever else we have all learned about each other. Show off their kids, or pets....whatever. Good idea????

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    [align=left]Done as requested.[/align]


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      At the moment, two topics are of special interest:* understory trees (would like this differentiated from trees in general, to make it easier to drill down to the information I seek) and a subsection under shade garden for vines.* Or perhaps it would be better to have a new category for vines, with subsections on vines for sun and vines for shade.


      Another site I visit collects Zone information at registration and displays that information in posts with the username, which is very helpful in determining whether to click on a post.


      Despite these nitpicks, you have a terrific site.* I visited it for the first time today after reading about it in your excellent magazine.


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        Hi Oldgardener,

        I don't agree that an understory tree catagory would be helpful, but I can understand your interest in it.* Maybe you could do a google search with that term.

        There are so few ornamental vines that grow in shade I'm not sure a separate catagory for them would be that helpful.

        You can find your hardiness zone here and include it with or as your location in your profile as I've done.*



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          working on it