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  • creamy gentian

    [align=left]Have found a plot of native creamy gentian. Wish to transplant and/or collect seeds to my small, new wildflower plot. Any help?[/align]

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    Germination from seed can be found on Alpine-L search database or on

    Transplanting a native plant is very touchy subject.* Most people perfer you collect seeds unless the land is going to be claimed by construction.* If you do transplant, dig deep, the climate of which you collect it should be the same where you plant it.* Soil should be well drained.

    Gentians are alpines and require a rock garden enviornment.



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      I agree with Backyard Gardener.* In many states it's illegal to dig from the wild.* From this site that has good info about obtaining and growing native plants:

      • Do not dig plants from the wild. Many of our native plants are becoming threatened through loss of habitat, habitat destruction, and collection. Don't put further pressure on native populations by collecting plants from the wild.[/*]
      • The one exception to this rule is on lots which have been slated for development and where the existing vegetation will be destroyed. Be sure to get permission from the landowner before you dig up any plants."[/*]


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        [align=left]Thank you for the replies. They are on a hillside in my roadside ditch which the county sprays and cuts way back. Last year they nearly cut them all. Because of all the rain this spring (iowa) they have only cut once, just recently. They did not get them all! My county has a spray, burn and cut mentality! Am watching and going to try to collect seeds. Believe it or not, I was planning to add them to my new but small rock garden area,just hen and chicks now and some to my new, but small wildflower hill. Thanks again![/align]