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Deer tolerant flowering vines

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  • Deer tolerant flowering vines

    Is there a deer tolerant flowering vine someone can recommend? I live in NW Washington and prefer a perennial flowering vine -- if there is such a thing.

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    Hello, Le Parc. Ken here with The Home Depot in the Chicago area.
    I hope you live far enough away from Seattle so you actually see the sun a lot.
    These deer resistant vines I am going to recommend need full sun to part shade.
    The more sun you get the better flowering you will have.
    The first vine is Carolina Jessamine (Gelsemium sempervirens). It gets
    fragrant, tubular yellow flowers to 1-11/2 in. in late winter to early spring.
    It can sometimes bloom in fall. Give it regular water and full sun to partial
    The second is Jasmine. Primrose Jasmine ( Jasminum mesnyi ) has bright
    lemon yellow, unscented flowers to 2” across. It mainly blooms in winter
    or spring. Give it space. Tie it up at desired height and let it cascade over
    like a waterfall. It needs full sun or light shade.
    If you are close to the water, Jasminum polyanthum will work. It has highly
    fragrant white blossoms with rose interiors. Bloom time is late winter and
    spring. Give it full sun or light shade. Both of these jasmine want moderate
    to regular water.
    Keep me posted on what you decide. Take care.

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      Hello, Ken with Home Depot....

      If you are still there, thank you for the informative reply about deer-tolerant flowering vines. I am ready to plant the ones you suggested if I can find them here in Bellingham, WA.

      Do you have any suggestions for summer flowering vines, also deer tolerant?

      Le Parc


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        Hey, Le Parc. Ken here again. Welcome back. Unfortunately, there are no
        summer- blooming, deer-resistant vines for your area. But if you are
        willing to either spray repellents or physically block the deer from getting
        to your vines, there are 3 summer-blooming vines for your area. They are:

        Bignonia capreolata(Crossvine)
        Lonicera japonica(Japanese honeysuckle)
        Passiflora incarnata(Wild Passion Vine, Maypop)

        The repellents that will keep deer away are Liquid Fence and Deer Off.
        There are others that are online only. I hope that helps. Good luck and take care.
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