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Italian Cypress Problem

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  • Italian Cypress Problem


    This year a greyish white deposit appeared on my three Cypress trees.* At first*I thought it was as a result of Red Spider mites but after spraying with water for a few days which usually takes care of that problem I observed that it was not the case.* The trees looked OK but somewhat darker where the greyish deposits had been.* I had to leave home for a week and upon return and after a very strong wind which occured during our absence the greyish deposits were again present in larger quantity on the windward side of the trees.* I have been spraying them daily with high pressure hose water and they remain green and in some places redish color No other trees* in the area have this problem and there are many in the vicinity.* Any thoughts?

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    Hi Alfred,

    The gray coloring sounds like cypress canker aka Seridium cardinale.

    Could these 'grayish deposits' be some type of pest?* Do you have pics?

    Where do you live?



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      Thanks Newt I hope you got my reply I'm not sure it went out If you did thanks again for the help If not I guess I will just have to have the trees removed if water washing will not help them, since here in Alamogordo New Mexico no tree services are available and El Paso Texas is a 100 miles away where help might be available.* Again thanks Alfred


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        Alfred, yes I did get your reply.* I'm sorry to hear you will have to remove the trees.* Maybe something native to replace the wll work better for you.