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    hi all, my name is karl and i have a lemon tree in my garden. it is a few years old and in a partly*shaded position. it was pruned about two months ago, and the way it was done was that it was cut to about 1/3 its normal size. Like how they used to prune crepe mertels. it is now pretty sunburnt and in australia we are about to go into the HOT summer, i was wondering oif there is anything that i can do to revive it???

    Oh and there are some shoots and leaves appearing but they are growing very slowley.


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    Hi Karl,

    So sorry to read about your lemon tree being pruned, especially so severely.* Generally citrus is not pruned.* The best thing you can do for your tree is supportive care.* Try and shade it from the hot sun during the hottest part of the day until the leaves get accustomed to the stronger sun.* You might even want to erect a shade cloth.* You could topdress the roots with 1 inch of compost and and another 1 inch of mulch to help retain water.* Be sure to water during the dryest part of the summer.* Citrus prefers less frequent watering, but deep watering when you do water.* Maybe this will help.* This first site has lots of info, but I'm sure much of it will be helpful and give you an idea of what to expect as your tree will probably experience a growth spurt.* Unfortunately I don't have any sites from Australia.



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      ok thank you very much. I have just*been reading a bit and someone said that painting the tree with water based white latex paint will prevent sun burn. is it too late for that or should i still try? Also there are some 'Stink bugs' on the leaves now, do they have any effect on it? if so, how do i control them?


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        Karl, I just found this Australian site that might be helpful.* I don't see why you couldn't put the paint on now.* The idea is to protect the trunk from sunburn.

        Let's make sure we have the correct id of your pest.* Are you sure it's a stink bug?* Maybe a crusader bug?* This first pic is the final instar and is a young one.* The second one is an adult.

        Stink bugs in Australia.



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          The first site you sent me
          wouldn't open, but i found the bug on
          except the site didnt say what to do.


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            That link you said didn't work takes a long time to load.* It's in pdf format.* Your computer may not be set to receive pdf format.* It was a site that showed how to paint your tree.* You can also make a tube of fiberglass or aluminum window screen and secure it around the tree.* Leave a couple of inches between the tube of screening and the trunk of the tree for air circulation.* You will have to copy and paste this link as it is not clickable.

            I found an environmentally friendly site for control of the stink bug you found.

            Hope that helps.