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  • Roses Care Tips

    *I recommend that you follow these simple steps to guarantee longer lasting roses.
    ******** Strip off the leaves below the vase water line.
    ******** While holding the stem under water, diagonally cut (45 degree angle) 10mm off the bottom of each stem using a sharp knife.
    ******** If roses have begun to dry out, place them up to their necks in water,
    ******** Leave in a cool place and allow them to drink for 2-3 hours.
    ******** Prepare a clean container and fill it with water, mixing with a sachet of rose conditioner supplied.
    ******** Arrange in a deep vase allowing for plenty of stem in the water.
    ******** Make sure the roses have an ample water supply daily by keeping the vase filled
    ******** Place the roses in a cool place overnight.
    ******** Never place your roses in conditions of high temperature, draughts or direct sunlight.