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holes in the leaves of my roses

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  • holes in the leaves of my roses

    All of the leaves on my roses have holes in them. Do you have any advise as to what to do, or sell a product that will eleminate this malody? I can send you some photos if that would help identify the problem. Let me know and provide an email address please

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    Hi Owabim,

    You don't say where this rose grows, but at this time of the year I suspect the damage is from Japanese beetles.* You can post pictures from your computer in this thread if you would like.* Just click on 'Browse' below the reply box.* You can also copy and past a link to a site if you have your photos at a site such as

    If you can see the beetles you can pick them off your plants or shake them off into a bucket of soapy water.* Here's what Japanese beetles look like.

    You can treat your lawn for the grubs using the organic milky spre diesase known as Bacillus popilliae. This is best done by an entire neighborhood and can take a few years before it's effective.* Here's more environmentally ideas of dealing with them.

    Most folks that register and answer questions on public forums don't publish their personal email addresses.* You can check the box at the bottom of the reply box that says: "Notify me by e-mail when replies are posted to this topic".



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      here is a photo of what I was referring to when I spoke about holes in the leaves of my roses. Any thoughts and or comments please. How do I get these out to others in the forum for additional thought and suggestions?


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        Owabim, your photo didn't show.* Once you click on 'Browse' you will have to upload it from your computer.* Size it at about 800x600 so it will fit.

        It would also be helpful to know where in the world or US this rose is growing as different insects are found in different countries.