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J&P "Sterling Silver" rose...growing too tall

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  • J&P "Sterling Silver" rose...growing too tall

    We've had this rose bush growing successfully in our rose garden for the past three years. This year, however, it has not put forth one rose bud!! Instead, it has just kept growing and growing and has reached a height of at least seven feet...although I have pruned it back to about three feet twice this season. The other rose plants in the garden are doing well. What do you think could be the problem??

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    Hi Darrel,

    It appears your rose 'Sterling Silver' blooms on new wood.* If you pruned late in the spring, and then pruned again before it set buds, you are probably pruning off the buds.* I found this info that might be helpful.

    From what I've read on other boards and blogs, this rose is very unreliable over time.* Sometimes it does well for a few years and sometimes it never does well.* Everytime I read about it the main comment seems to be about this rose being a challenge.