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Drooping flower heads

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  • Drooping flower heads

    I planted a David Austin rose 'Teasing Georgia' last summer.* The blossoms are gorgeous but* the stems don't seeem to be strong enough because the blossoms* hang downward.* Since I don't usually view my garden with my back on the ground I couldn't enjoy this bush.* I know the blossoms are very heavy but shouldn't the stems be holding them up?* Any suggestions?

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    [align=left]Something to read[/align]

    Summer pruning English shrub roses [/align]

    [align=left]The nature of David Austin's English Roses is to repeat flower continuously through the season, with each flowering creating an even taller shrub. In warmer climates, they tend to grow more vigorously and can become too tall.

    To prevent this, make sure you summer prune after each flush of flowering as opposed to simply deadheading. The aim is to improve repeat flowering and to maintain the overall shape of the plant.

    After each flush of flowers has finished, cut back the flowering stems to two or three sets of leaves. You may also notice that the occasional new long, strong stem will appear from the base of the shrub, or sometimes grows higher up from older branches. These can grow quickly above the frame of the plant and look a little out of place at first. These stems are in fact very beneficial, forming strong, healthy new stems which will flower next season. We recommend that you trim these new stems back slightly when carrying out summer pruning, just enough to maintain the nicely rounded shape of the shrub.



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      Thank you very much for this helpful information on pruning.* This wil help keep the flowerheads from drooping?



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        You provided me a keyword to support your request.* I would recommend reading:

        David Austin grows some stunning roses however it has been suggested that some of the varieties have a tendency to be lax (droop).* Perhaps this variety would be better if it was grown up an obelkisk as this would support the blooms and display the plant effectively.



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          What an interesting discussion on the Peter Beales forum you recommended!* I loved reading everyone's comments and now I have a clearer picture of what the situation is with David Austin roses.* I wish I had known all this before purchasing.* This drooping is such a shame because the flower really is exquisite.* Unfortunately, an obelisk is not feasible design-wise.* Oh well....



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            [align=left]Just joined the forum and have the same problem with my David Austin roses, I have six different varieties and only one, Gertrude Jekyll does not have its heads facing the ground.* Also, some of the flowers lose their petals almost immediately they fully open from bud.* I planted them bare root in February.* It's such a shame,* I am not very pleased to say the least!*** Is there anything that can be done to improve the strength of the stems?* I have been watering well and feeding regularly with rose feed.** Any ideas?* [/align]


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              Hi Daisylily,

              I'm wondering if you read the link that Backyardgardener gave to Lejardin about David Austin roses and if it answered any of your questions.* You don't say which ones you have that face down, but a google search with their names and + droop might be helpful to understand if these particular cultivars have that habit.

              As to the petal drop, that is usually from environmental reasons such as not enough water, very hot weather or not enough fertilizer.* Also, some varieties tend to drop their petals more quickly then others.* You might want to search with terms such as:
              Gertrude Jekyll + rose + petal drop

              You might be able to find more info about your particular cultivars here.