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giant bushel gourds like giant pumpkins?

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  • giant bushel gourds like giant pumpkins?

    I was recently searching for advice on growing giant bushel basket gourds and <i was told there were no books on the market specifically for growing giant kettle or bushel baskets. I was told the best place to look was books on growing giant pumpkins because they are the same family. Is it true these would need the same growing conditions and if so could you recommend a book. or just pass on a bit of good advice?

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    Hi Ngoni,

    I don't have the answer to your question, but found this site on growing gourds where they sell the seed for giant bushel gourds. You will only find basic info there.

    Here's a conversation about them that you might find helpful.

    You can also do a search at the bottom of the page. I searched with the word bushel and found 33 posts.

    If you don't find the info you need, you might want to ask these folks.

    Good luck,