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yellow pumpkin leaves

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  • yellow pumpkin leaves

    Please help! The leaves on my pumpkin vines are turning yellow. What causes this and is there anything I can do?

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    it may just be the time of year they do that in your area - you don't
    say where you are.

    I'm in the tropics, and around here they do that year round as old
    vines die - pumpkins (kabocha squashes is what I have) are not seasonal here,
    they depend on the amount of rain, which isn't really seasonal.

    Maren, in Hilo, HI


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      I am in Texas (Dallas/Ft.Worth area). I am wondering if it could be powdery mildew? Do you have that problem? We have had a mild summer so far, and it has not been overly dry. Thank you for your response!



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        you should be able to see powdery mildew other than by the leaves turning
        yellow. It is a whitish substance, as the name says, powdery, and I don't see
        that problem on my kabocha. They may need more water, even if it hasn't
        been overly dry - cucurbites in general have large leaves that evaporate
        a lot of water, and if you have any pumpkins on your vines they'll take up
        a lot too.

        - It clearly is too early for Dallas/Ft.Worth to deal with 'winter'.

        Sorry not to be of more help,



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          Hi Linus,
          Take a look at this site to see if you can id the problem.

          If you need something environmentally friendly once you have an id on the problem, don't hesitate to write back on this post.