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Pumpkin is like a king , can it live on a tiny place ?

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  • Pumpkin is like a king , can it live on a tiny place ?

    In most parts of the world, pumpkin is basically used in sweets, pumpkin sweets are my favorite but I don't like to eat it as a vegetable. If some one want to grow it in the house, what would be the handy tips if the gardening place to plant it is a bit small ?

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    I have a limited amount of space as well and in researching the topic have found that there are bush-type plants that stay more compact than typical vines. I plan to try that this year. Some types are Frosty, Cinderella, Tricky Jack and Bushkin. I have also read that you can plant vine pumpkins and let them run underneath other garden tall plants like sunflowers and okra. Good luck!


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      Thanks for the suggestions and sharing the knowledge ! If you try that then kindly share your experience here with me.

      Take Care