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Detatched Pumpkin- HELP!

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  • Detatched Pumpkin- HELP!

    I was told by my father-in-law to flip my pumpkins so that they would get even color/shape. When I did this to my largest pumpkin (30-40 lbs) there was no problem until the next morning when I found that it had totally broken off the vine. The rind on the pumpkin is still soft, and I am wondering if there is anything I can do to mature the pumpkin so that I can still use it for Halloween. Or, if there is no way to save it until then, is it edible? Or should I just compost it? Right now I have it sitting on my deck (on a cushioned chair) with the white/flat side facing out so it gets the most sun. Any advice would be helpful!

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    Hi Californiachick,

    You are doing everything correct to ripen it.* Take a look here.* Do be sure to rotate it from time to time and bring it in at night if the temps turn really cold.

    This site has loads of info about growing pumpkins.



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