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squash. green bean, and tomato problems

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  • squash. green bean, and tomato problems


    Two seasons in a row I have had this problem. My yellow squash and zuccinni plants start out great, I get lots of fruit, then the stems get mushy with an obvious nasty problem. Stupidly I did not discard diseased plants last year. They are all totally off the property now.*Now what? My cucs are fine. Thank goodness or I would really be dejected.

    Also, last year I had the best ever yard long green bean crop. This year I still have no beans or even flowers. What's up?

    And on top of that, I have quite a few large tomatos that show no signs of turning red. I read somewhere to put red fabric under the plants to "trick"* them into thinking they are competing for the sun! Sounds weird, I know, but feeling frustrated and rather rediculous, I did it this morning!

    As you can tell, I need help!

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    Take a look at this link an see if you can find anything: