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  • peony bush

    there is road work going on not too far from my house. construction people have taken down a few houses already because it's the states now i guess.

    there was a peonie bush there (and some irises that i got too) and i stopped and dug it up today, it would have only been mowed over wit road equipment otherwise:X.

    i know that i dug it up early:(, so can you give me any advice on how to care for it? what's the best thing i can do to help it regrow it's root system?

    *i'll take a picture tomorrow in the daytime.

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    Peonies are best transplanted in the fall.* Add lots of compost to the planting bed.* They like a rich organic soil.* Plant so the growing tips (buds or eyes) are about 2" below he top of the soil.* This should help.

    I'd love to see pics.


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      i planted it before it got dark yesterday, and today it have been raining and very windy, so it's looks a little wind blown


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        i plan on staking it up cause i'm sure it's a little 'shocked'

        should i*cut the flower head off of it?

        i read on a site that you should when you move one


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          i mean flower heads there are abunch on it


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            Great find!* I would suggest you cut off the flower stalks.* That way the plant can put it's energy into establishing the root system.* If they don't bloom for a year don't panic.* Peony often take a break from bloom after transplanting.

            You should stake the leaf stems.* It will help.



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              i cut the flowers off i stuck two in the water and managed to get the buds opened so i could get a good look at the color

              beautiful aren't they

              can't wait to see if it blooms next year or not


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                Oh, how pretty.* Are they fragrant?* If you see ants on your peonies, don't panic.* They have a symbiotic relationship so just leave them be.

                Thank you so much for sharing those pics.* It makes me smile.* :D*

                I'll get around to your other questions in a day or two.* I've been very busy this weekend with animal rescue and was up all night with 3 week old pups rejected by their mother.* I only got 2 hours of sleep and then one of our cars broke down.* Had to do a transport of a dog tonight to a rescue in the pouring rain and I'm falling asleep at the computer. *:shock:* Sorry for the long explanation, but I promise to look at your other questions as soon as I can.



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                  i'm not too impatient, take your time i ask enaough questions for 12 people anyways

                  it's not like my flowers are going to grow legs and run off while im waiting!!! (at least i hope not)


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                    :)* :)* :)*