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    [align=left]I purchase a chinese palm from Lowes is the spring and the salesperson said it would be fine outdoors*in our Maryland winters if I cut it back, wraped it in burlap and mulched it heavily.* My question is how far so I cut it back?* It stands about five feet tall right now and its getting cold out.* Thanks[/align]

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    Hi Paul,

    Sorry to say either you misunderstood or the salesperson didn't know what they were talking about.* Maybe they meant you can grow it outdoors in summer in a pot.* Chinese fan palm aka Livistona chinensis is only hardy to zones 9b to 11.* I too live in Maryland and it's not hardy here.* If you cut it back you will kill it by cutting off the growing tip.* You will need to dig it up, put it in a pot and bring it indoors.* This should be done before the night temps dip below 50*F, and best before you turn on the heat indoors.

    Here's how to move plants indoors and outdoors.



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      Hi Paul and Newt,

      while Newt is right about the Chinese Fan Palms, if it is
      5 ft tall it's not very likely to be a Chinese Fan Palm as
      those are very slow growing, and if you (Paul) bought
      it in the spring you either must have paid an arm and
      a leg for it for even the fronds reaching 5 ft, or it's
      a different palm. I have 15 year old Chinese Fan Palms
      and they just barely have a stem yet.

      Sorry I only found this post now, as it's probably too
      late in the winter now ...



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        That thing is a annual in MAryland.

        Livistona Chinensis is a slow grower but we have plenty out here that are over 5 feet tall. Post a picture so we can I.D. it. I do not believe there is any palm species that could survive year round outside in Maryland.