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Orchid About to Bloom!

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  • Orchid About to Bloom!

    Hurray! So happy...

    I'm no orchid expert...I got two phals in May last year, blooms lasted to about August. This January, they both spiked at about the same time and now I have lots of big fat buds on each spike! I never knew spiking phals is this easy--it's been rumored that orchids are very difficult (or impossible) to rebloom.

    Well, the impossible turned to possible.

    I can post pictures when they bloom if you're interested. Flowers are pretty pink/red. :)

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    Lily, congratulations!! Pictures would be wonderful.



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      Mine has just started blooming, too with a very long spike of purple blooms! I'm very excited. I have a few questions, though.

      Temperatures are dropping in my area (central kentucky) and my orchid has been outside all summer. I'm afraid if I don't bring it indoors it will interrupt the blooming. I have seen many little buggies on it, though. Can I safely use insecticide on it? Is there a certain kind that is best?

      also, just before the buds bloomed, my pot was somehow knocked over and it broke. All I had at the time was a larger pot and regular potting soil. Is it best to wait until blooms finish to repot in an orchid mix? I've been careful not to overwater and to let the soil dry until it's just loose before watering. Any advice? This is the first orchid I've had rebloom. Perhaps I'm being an overprotective plant mom? :oops: