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Dendrobium-Cutting Back

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  • Dendrobium-Cutting Back

    I have a dendrobium that is very healthy & blooms regularly but the eleven branches are very wavy going off in many directions and are about 30" long. This causes it to no longer stand up in it's pot (7½"). I have had to set the pot into a bowl and place large river rocks all around to about half way up the pot in order to keep it from falling over (which it has done several times). Will cutting it back harm it?

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    Hi Lottie,
    These orchids native growing habitat is in trees where the flower spikes can lean out into the atmosphere. Here's a quote from this site.

    Dendrobiums are a funny orchid. After blooming, cut off the flower spike. Dens tend to drop all their leaves and leave nothing but the cane. Do not cut the canes as long as they are firm and are not dead. This is where your next flower spikes will come from.
    You might want to do some reading here. You can do a search at the bottom of the page of the last link.