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Short Spikes on Phals

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  • Short Spikes on Phals

    Hi all! New here.

    A few of my Phals have short spikes this year. The shortest one is just 5 inches from the base of the spike to the first bloom.

    The plants appear healthy, the flowers are fine. The spikes are just short. I've never had this happen. The plant with the 5" spike had a foot long spike last year. I have a picture of it - so it isn't a variety that just happens to have a short spike. 3 of my plants have these short spikes.

    The only thing I did differently this year was relocating them to the basement level over Christmas while my lighted village took over their garden window. However, the basement is a fully heated finished room. The window they were in front of is a sliding glass door directly below the window they were accustomed to. I'm sure the light, temperature and humidity varied a bit from their garden window, but not by too much.

    Any ideas on what caused this? I'm not necessarily unhappy about it, since the varied height of the spikes and flowers adds color at different levels of their window (which they've been back in for over a month). I'm just very curious as to why this happened.

    Thanks so much for any ideas!

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    Hi Patti,
    I don't know the answer to your question, but this site might be helpful.