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When to prune newly planted maple tree

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  • When to prune newly planted maple tree

    I have a newly planted "Autumn Blaze" maple that has multiple leaders coming out from the same point. Based on all I have read, this is not good.
    I just had it planted (for good $$$) and the tree farm owner assured me that they picked out one of their better trees for me. I asked directly about the multiple leaders and he dismissed it as not an issue of concern. Not sure of the age, but it was in a 45gal container and has a 3" trunk
    I have 2 questions:
    1) since this was just planted, it is safe to prune the excess leaders now? Or must I wait?
    2) is this just to be expected from maple trees or was the guy blowing smoke for the sale?
    Thanks for the input and advice!

    Pic of the tree:

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    Your photo link doesn't seem to work.



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      When to prune newly planted maple tree

      Trying the link again...
      MapleTree 007 pictures from home photos on webshots


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        Hi Newbie,

        I don't know if you got help with this yet, but I would suggest you have a certified arborist do the initial pruning for you and observe closely where and how they make the cuts. I also see several branches that appear to be growing into the center of the crown. Not more then 15% of live branches should be pruned each year. The best time to prune a maple is May and June.