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Day Lillies...are they supposed to bloom prodigiously?

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  • Day Lillies...are they supposed to bloom prodigiously?

    [align=left]Hi all,[/align]
    [align=left]*** I've got about 8 or 10 day lillies, all grouped together in a rather boring fashion in a small garden I've been working on.* At any rate, is there a secret to these things, to get them to bloom more?* I would hope that they would bloom a lot more than they are -- they're predominantly green with very few blooms, if you catch my drift.[/align]
    [align=left]** TIA[/align]
    [align=left]Dr. Ragamuffin[/align]

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    Hi Dr. Ragamuffin,

    Hope all has been well for you!* Unfortunately you don't say how long they've been planted or how you prepared the planting bed.* It does take 2 to 3 years for daylilies to mature enough to become more prolific with their blooms.* They tend to survive in most soils, but do best in soil that has lots of organic matter such as compost.* If your daylilies have been in the ground for a long time they may need dividing.* Deadheading will also extend the season of bloom.* Once they set seed they tend to slow down bloom production.

    There are also reblooming and everblooming daylilies.* My daughter and I planted* Hemerocallis 'Big Time Happy' - an everblooming variety, in her yard 2 years ago and they are just starting to become more prolific.* She had good soil to begin with and we added lots of compost.* It's one of the Appster series.